Introduce a new food retail experience to capture the growing demand for higher quality food choices in a state of the art convenience setting.



Positioned Centre Street Kitchen as a fresh-prepared food offer that is authentic, contemporary and professional to over come the perceived “gas penalty” of serving food at a fuel location.



The exterior architecture was designed to be visually disruptive in order to introduce the new Alltown brand to the marketplace and to immediately signal from the outside what might be found on the inside. In recognizing the company’s Northeast locale, BDL was inspired by local New England architecture and interpreted traditional materials in a sleek and modern retail setting. The exterior features wood
clap-board siding with metal awnings along the front and a metal roof with darker wood trim frame the entrance on one side and provides a feature wall for the A logo on the other.

The interior utilizes a soft blue color pallet and wall tile to highlight the self-serve beverage bar with “taps” vs more traditional soda fountain machines to provide a more crafted and unique customer experience. And independent merchandising pods are used vs more traditional shelving to create a more open flow and making more products visible and more easily accessible.