Deliver a flexible retail format that utilizes a consistent global “tool lit” adjusted and adopted to best fit into local markets. In addition, develop a Food & Beverages offer that is specifically targeted toward key convenience missions that provide the best opportunities to attract more customers more often when not purchasing fuel.



The exterior architecture was designed to make signal change and make a large visual statement introducing the Select brand to the marketplace. Additionally, BDL wanted to insure that customers would immediately understand from the outside what might be found on the inside. To reinforce that vision, BDL utilized a large wood-paneled fascia to provided a warmer, friendlier contrast against the highly recognized and world-class Shell fuel brand. In addition, we integrated a brown metal overhang that extends along the storefront and continues over a large outdoor patio area that signals this is a destination for food.


On the inside, the layout was arranged in a way that food and beverage created strong “foodpressions” by making these key categories highly visible and easily accessible immediately upon entering the store. A Louisville themed wall mural, created by a local artisan, was created to reinforce a sense of community and inject some local personality along with a range of locally sourced products that are displayed on a customer facing end cap.